Why MCPTT Interoperability is Critical

Emil Olbrich’s article in March issue of Mission Critical Communications highlights the importance of MCPTT interoperability and how MCOP will help towards truly open ecosystems.

Radio Resource Mission Critical Communications (website)

Article on Mission Critical Communications March issue

Communications - Critical to the effective coordination of services

Article on International Airport Review

Can MCOP address the need for Public Safety standards for broadband deployments?

Linkedin article

Huge expectation and success in MCPTT Plugtest and MCOP webinar

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Webinar presentation

Expway, Nemergent and Bittium Successfully Demonstrate The World’s First eMBMS-capable MC-PTT Integration

Expway article

Industry Spotlight on Tony Gray, chief executive at the TCCA

RadioResource Mission Critical Communications article

PSCR: Fidel Liberal explains how mission-critical open platform can bolster development of public-safety solutions

IWCE's Urgent Communications article


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