MCPTT Plugtest Webinar

TCCA will hold a webinar together with ETSI about the next MCPTT Plugtest on 16 Nov 2017, where MCOP will also be presented.

The webinar will be hosted by Radio Resource International Magazine.

Webinar registration page

First complete multi-vendor MC-PTT multicast integration

MCOP partners Expway, Bittium and MCPTT provider Nemergent announced the successful demonstration of a 3GPP Rel13 compliant end-to-end multicast group calls with Mission Critical eMBMS (evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services) bearers.

The three companies integrated their products over standard compliant interfaces on the core side (MB2-C/U) and between the MC-PTT Application Server and Application Clients.

Expway, Nemergent and Bittium Successfully Demonstrate The World’s First eMBMS-capable MC-PTT Integration

Such achievement will for sure push MCOP integration activities.

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